Roof Edging and Flashings



Drip Edge 


F 4 1/2 Residential Drip Edge

  •  We stock in White, Black and Brown. Sold in 10′ Sections.




C6 Commercial Drip Edge 

  • We stock in .032 White Aluminum and Galvanized. Sold in 10′ Sections.







H6F Slag Stop (Gravel Stop) 

  • We stock in Galvanized Only. Sold in 10′ Sections.








Galvanized Ridge Roll 


  • We Stock in Galvanized Only. They are sold in 10′ sections.





“W” Valley Flashing 

  • .019 Painted Aluminum is Available in Black (BK) and Brown (9B).






 Pre-Bent Step Flashing 

  • 4″ x 4″ x 8″ Pre-Bent Black Aluminum













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